Just a bunch of code monkeys flinging their shitware around.

For every action there is a spectrum of possible reactions.

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Is it weird I want a cyberpunk set in the Midwest? Too often it's set in huge cities or on coasts. Detroit is excluded because it's a genre already.

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just discovered communick.com who seems to be offering Mastodon/Matrix/XMPP hosting all in one which is awesome.

more info here
blog.communick.com/ #communick

How do you access documentation from a terminal?

Are there text based manuals to download, or would you use a text based browser?

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@mortona take a look at this post Andrew that i published earlier this month. i think it should answer your question plausible.io/blog/server-log-a

There's no real difference between technical innovation and biological evolution.

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And message Agaric here or via agaric.coop/ask for 15% off these trainings for Mastodon people. Y'all rock!

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Masto admin question, please boost and/or anwer 

Is there a way to either

1. Transfer an account, including all toots, to a new instance. (Admin access to both instances would be available)


2. Change the URL of a running instance without breaking everything?

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*slaps each pocket* wallet... keys... phone... *slaps face* mask

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RT @KashiaArnold@twitter.com

"We will have to decide who owns behavioral insights and how these are used in the public interest. And we will have to recognize that who decides what . . . will create new forms of power with far-reaching effects on our lives." @ProSyn@twitter.com prosyn.org/jPwEN2q

🐦🔗: twitter.com/KashiaArnold/statu

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