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Tidal 's Master quality is kind of awesome.

I need new speakers.

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i steered that ship into the banks of the Suez Canal, and i'd do it again. laying low for now though

would appreciate it if everyone kept their goddamn mouths shut about this

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"Visual representation of technical debt in a project"

by KameMameHa

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Want to help with a great FLOSS conference?

#SeaGL organizational meetings for the November conference have started, the next is this time next Monday (2021Mar22 @ 17:00 (UTC-7))

Last year we had volunteers from 4 continents for our first virtual event. 2021 should be hybrid, so especially need volunteers from the #PacificNorthwest

Committees include PR, programming, finance, logistics, volunteers, tech

#FLOSSconf #FLOSSevent #FLOX #Seattle #Portland #Cascadia

Just a bunch of code monkeys flinging their shitware around.

For every action there is a spectrum of possible reactions.

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Is it weird I want a cyberpunk set in the Midwest? Too often it's set in huge cities or on coasts. Detroit is excluded because it's a genre already.

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just discovered who seems to be offering Mastodon/Matrix/XMPP hosting all in one which is awesome.

more info here #communick

How do you access documentation from a terminal?

Are there text based manuals to download, or would you use a text based browser?

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@mortona take a look at this post Andrew that i published earlier this month. i think it should answer your question

There's no real difference between technical innovation and biological evolution.

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And message Agaric here or via for 15% off these trainings for Mastodon people. Y'all rock!

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Masto admin question, please boost and/or anwer 

Is there a way to either

1. Transfer an account, including all toots, to a new instance. (Admin access to both instances would be available)


2. Change the URL of a running instance without breaking everything?

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*slaps each pocket* wallet... keys... phone... *slaps face* mask

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